V.4 Variety Pack

Now available at Short’s Mart and coming to stores soon!

Nicie (5.2% ABV – 25 IBU) is an American Wheat Ale brewed with orange zest, lemon zest, coriander, and a hint of peppercorn. Orange-gold in color and light in body,Nicie is infused with the scents and flavors of fresh citrus. The subtle taste of coriander and spice of peppercorn makes this ale both refreshing and complex. Nicie is the perfect accompaniment to a summer day.


Spruce Pilsner (9.5% ABV – 85 IBU) is an Imperial Pilsner, fermented with local, hand-picked blue spruce tips. The spruce presence, rooted in historical brewing practices, is enormous and gives the beer a refreshing gin quality. This beer is impressively light-bodied, considering the immense spruce flavors and the prodigious additions of hops.



Action Pants (4.5% ABV – 61 IBU) is a Session Ale brewed with Azzaca, El Dorado, and Citra hops. Golden with a frothy head, this beer is bursting with juicy tropical aromas and flavors. Lighter bodied, Action Pants shines with lemon, grapefruit, papaya, and guava before finishing dry with hardly any hop bitterness.



Totally Noche with lime is an easy drinking Mexican Dark Lager with a light brown hue and off white head. This beer smells of roast with a hint of chocolate and has flavors of mild chocolate, roast, and a touch of citrusy lime. The finish is smooth, crisp, and clean.