Variety Pack V.6 2017

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Gary Juicy: Gary Juicy (5.6 % – 45 IBU) is a crazy, hazy, India Pale Ale brewed with Neo 1 hops from Michigan’s very own Mr. Wizards Hops, Simcoe powder, and orange juice. Hazy and gold in color, Gary Juicy pours with a dense white head. Aromas and flavors of orange and tropical fruit are complemented by a malty backbone. Gary Juicy has a delicate mouth feel and finishes with a very mild and pleasant bitterness.


Kölsch 45: Kölsch 45 is a unique warm fermented ale, that is aged like most traditional German Lagers at a cool temperature. Though light in body and color, its prominent hoppiness and radiant yellow “straw” color set it apart. The sustaining head retains prominent, pleasant aromas which aid in the crisp, refreshing nature of this beer. Hop bitterness is present, but not overwhelming.


Cozy Blanket: Cozy Blanket (5.1% ABV – 31 IBU) is an American Porter. Dark brown with a thick and creamy mocha colored head, Cozy Blanket has aromas of chocolate and caramel. This American Porter has a full-bodied mouth feel with flavors of chocolate, toffee, and caramel. Cozy blanket finishes smooth with a nice nutty flavor.



Wowee Zowee: Wowee Zowee (6.2% ABV – 50 IBU) is an Experimental American Amber Ale brewed with fresh mint and mango. Slight sweetness with medium to light fruit tones are provided by mango, while fresh mint brings balanced herbal refreshment. The malt and hop character of the amber ale work masterfully in conjunction with the fruit and herbal qualities of mango and mint finishing crisp and clean.


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