Variety Pack Version 2 2017

It’s time for another Short’s brew variety pack! Try four tasty Short’s brews (Lil’ Wheezy, London Fog, Twisted Cain, and Pontius Road Pilsner) in one convenient box. This pack is hitting store shelves now and promises to move quickly. Snatch one up to get your fill of the good stuff!

Lil’ WheezyLil' Wheezy Print - 12 x 12: Lil’ Wheezy (6.6% ABV – 76 IBU) is a light-bodied, heavily hopped, Amber Lager. Unique earthy hop characteristics are balanced slightly by the full grain attributes. The finish is bitter, and sharply resonates on the palate.

London FogLondon Fog webLondon Fog (6.75% ABV – 12 IBU) is medium-bodied English Brown Ale made with Earl Grey Tea. Notable herbal aromatics including a light citrus spice and a touch of mint are evident from first sniff. Pleasing fruity flavors of peach and raspberry result from the interesting union of malt sweetness and bold tea. A sprinkling of vanilla and milk sugar provide a rich creaminess that coats the palate. Surprisingly, the finish contains only a mild lingering sweetness despite the array of flavors up front.

Twisted CainTwisted Cain 16x16: Twisted Cain (8% ABV – 40 IBU) is an American Black Ale that pours black in color with red hues passing through the edges of the glass, topped with a creamy off-white head. This medium bodied brew leads with a pleasant roasted aroma, before a sweet dark fruitiness, that ends in slightly bitter and dry finish.

Pontius Road PilsnerPontius Road Pilsner 12x12: Pontius Road Pilsner (5.2 % ABV – 18 IBU) is a true American-style Pilsner. The beer contains malted barley blended with flaked maize (corn) to produce a deliciously distinct flavor. It may be light in body and color, but it has a full flavor that gives way to a refreshing crispness. Handfuls of hops provide pleasant aromas and a wonderful dry finish.