Vintage Premium Lager Makes the Big Leagues

VPLThe sound of the crack of a bat. A worn baseball cap that fits just right. A chilled American Pale Lager to celebrate the big win. Summer has not yet called it quits, so we are stocking the shelves with our refreshing Vintage Premium Lager.

Short’s Vintage Premium Lager (4% ABV, 15 IBU) is the perfect replica of today’s mainstream American Pale Lagers, complete with a wort that’s 50% blended rice syrup and hot water.  A small amount of 2 row malted barley contributes to its bright yellow color and delicate malt flavors.  Crystal clear and boldly effervescent, this beer has yeast aromas that lead into flavors of lightly toasted white bread with a very low residual sweetness.  The super light body aids in the ultimate refreshment providing a thirst quenching finish that’s super crisp and clean.

For the first time ever, Vintage Premium Lager has been bottled and is in stores now! Grab a six pack today and enjoy our tribute to early American heritage brewing.