Warm up by the Fire with a Bottle of S’more Stout

Winter returned to the mitten last night just in time for the release of our favorite fireside treat, S’more Stout! Brewed to mimic the flavor profile of the iconic campsite dessert, the s’more, S’more Stout was first brewed at our Bellaire pub way back in 2008. The brainchild of Joe Short and Head Brewer, Tony Hansen, S’more Stout is most commonly found on tap at our pub each winter. This year, in an effort to be more awesomer (and keep the marshmallow industry in business during the slow season), we’ve bottled up a limited quantity of S’more Stout for distribution in Michigan.

S’more Stout (8% ABV – 20 IBU) is a complex stout brewed with graham cracker, milk chocolate, marshmallow, and smoked malt. The rich hearty sensations each take their turn, starting with the subtle graham aromas, and leading pleasantly into the sweet flavors of marshmallow cream and milk chocolate. All of these flavors are followed by a slight lingering flavor of smoke. A flaming marshmallow garnish is strongly encouraged.

In order to make S’more Stout taste just like your favorite camping treat we use ONLY real ingredients that you’d find on a S’more. No fake stuff like artificial flavorings here. The use of real ingredients including milk chocolate, graham cracker, and marshmallow makes S’more Stout an incredibly difficult beer to brew on a production level. Due to the nature of ingredients like marshmallow, it’s possible you may find small amounts of particulate matter in the bottle. This does not affect the flavor or overall quality of the beer. Drink it straight from the bottle or decant and enjoy.

Due to a lower than expected yield, this release will only be available in Michigan. But fear not Great Lakes Region friends, we’re already brewing up Cat’s Pajamas for your tastin’ next month. S’more Stout is an extremely limited release, be sure to check your favorite grocery store or bottle shop THIS WEEK to score a sixer of this rare brew.