We’re Totally Having An 80’s Prom!

Have you ever wanted to friz-out your hair and relive the Big 80’s? Like, seriously, now’s your chance! We’re having an 80’s prom on Saturday, April 2nd!

Here’s your prom planning checklist:

Circle April 2nd on your calendar! You won’t want to miss this party.
Ask the person you have the biggest crush on to be your date. Girls, you can ask guys.
Girls, break out those 80s prom dresses! The crazier the better!
Grow out your bangs, because we’re going to have an on-site stylist creating 80s hairdos.
Get ready to dance like a cool kid, because we’re going to have DJ spinning all the 80s classics.

This is going to be an event like no other at Short’s. And the best part about going back to the 80’s this time around is that you’re old enough to drink and you’re at Short’s! Keep checking our website for more 80s prom updates!

-SBC Prom Committee