white falcon has landed

falconIt’s a bird, it’s a plane, no – it’s a beer! This Belgian White Ale is going to rock your world. 

White Falcon (5.5% ABV, 64 IBU) is a Belgian White Ale hopped assertively like an American India Pale Ale. Its pale yellow color is lightened further by an appropriate haze from the use of malted white wheat. An intense, fruit-filled nose comprised of notable hop aromas, distinctive yeast esters, and pronounced lemon and orange zest is prominent. Flavors of soft grain and earthy hops mingle with an overall fruitiness, amplified by coriander and other lively spice qualities. An agreeable bitterness heightens in the finish before turning unmistakably dry.

White Falcon has landed (in stores now), so get out there and grab your six pack before it flies away.