Whoooooooooo Wants a Six Pack of Lil’ Wheezy?

Like every fall, the hours of daylight in Northern Michigan are steadily decreasing, creating the perfect habitat for our nocturnal friend, the owl.  No longer forced to strain his eyes in daylight, Lil’ Wheezy can be seen flying in his signature wizard outfit over Bellaire hoping to conjure a batch of his namesake brew.

Lil’ Wheezy (7% ABV, 76 IBU) is a light bodied, heavily hopped, amber colored lager. Unique earthy hop characteristics are balanced slightly by the full grain attributes. The finish is bitter, and sharply resonates on the palate.

When he heads home to his perch after a long evening of sorcery and critter hunting, Lil’ Wheezy is sure to open up a bottle of his very own brew, and you can too.  This beer is sure to “fly” off store shelves, take a six pack home to your perch, today!