Whose Pink Skirt?

Back in 2007, some of Joe Short’s good friends (the Blocks) were getting married and were treated to a special beer brewed to celebrate their special day. One of the wedding attendees happened to be Joe’s brewing Yoda, Dan Rogers. When sampling the brew, Dan joked that he needed to put on a pink skirt while he drank this “foo-foo IPA.”  So, Joe decided to “honor” his mentor by naming the delicious brew after him. And so, we present to you, bottled for the very first time, Dan’s Pink Skirt!

Dan’s Pink Skirt (6.4% ABV, 159 IBU) is an India Pale Ale bursting with distinct Summit hoppiness.  Malt characteristics are mild throughout, practically undetectable on the nose. This subdued malt character allows pronounced floral and citrus aromas to dominate.  A pine resin hop bitterness attacks the sides of the palate, lingering well into the finish.

Finding its way to retailers statewide this week, we expect Dan to dance quickly off the shelves, so be sure to grab your Pint Skirt hastily!