Winter Health and Wellness Report

Our philosophy here at Short’s is to embrace “the power of smallness” to bring you the highest quality craft beer you can get your hands on. To that end, we work overtime to keep our operation small and awesome, even as our demand increases. There are a lot of moving parts to operating Short’s, and keeping it all running smoothly is a burly task sometimes. To keep our creative juices flowing, we embrace our Northern Michigan heritage. One of the key ways we do that, is our health and wellness program.

On February 5th, many of our employees and friends will be skiing in the White Pine Stampede cross country ski race (see update, below), which Short’s is sponsoring. To get ready for the race, Joe Short has been leading training operations at Camp Huma. Here, we have a 5k course with lots of challenging features, all of which are named after Wilco songs (one of our favorite bands). So, for instance, here is a picture of Joe expertly navigating Handshake Drugs, a long descent that suddenly jogs left, then right.

The course ends with Impossible Germany, a long, steep descent that suddenly arrives at a 90 degree turn and nowhere to go. Ah, but the ride down is like a long, sweet Nels Cline guitar solo.

Those of us here at Short’s know that Joe is up to some pretty amazing things in the Brewery (stay tuned), but it is nice for us to see the kinds of things he can achieve when he turns his focus and determination on other things. For example, today Joe debuted a new “ski jump” style of cross country skiing that involves self-propulsion through sheer mindpower, though some of us theorize it may also involve flatulence.

Stay tuned for more “health and wellness” updates as we prepare for our 2011 events, including the Short’s to Short’s Paddle, Iceman, and more.