Wishful Sinful, Wicked You

Why start 2017 with a six-pack when you can have a bomber? Like every other year, we’re working tirelessly to churn out a never ending supply of fearlessly creative brews for our friends in the Short’s-i-verse and so we decided to start this new year with something big. Specifically, a beautiful, bold, bomber of Wishful Sinful, a sinfully sour version of our beloved Soft Parade.

Wishful Sinful (6.9% ABV – 14 IBU)  is an American Sour Ale brewed with strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and flaked rye. Ruby red with a bubbly white head, at first glance Wishful Sinful looks like the Soft Parade we know and love, but a sinful secret awaits. A fruity aroma of fresh berries and just a hint of sourdough bread meets the nose. Sweet berry and spicy rye flavors reminiscent of Soft Parade are accompanied by a bright, sour acidity.

To pay homage to this American Sour Ales Fruit Rye predecessor, we’ve named this brew after another classic song by The Doors “Wishful Sinful.” If you’ve ever wondered how Soft Parade and subsequently, Wishful Sinful came by their musically inspired names, you should get out your earballs and take a listen to this episode of Short’s Cast.

Wishful Sinful is on it’s way to store shelves throughout the mitten this week. Unlike Soft Parade, this brew will only be available in bombers in Michigan for a limited period of time. That means that Great Lakes region friends, you’ll have to make a trip to Michigan to get your hands on our first American Sour Ale and bomber release of 2017. This also means that we expect this beer to sell very quickly. Be sure to put a bottle of Wishful Sinful on this week’s grocery list!