FOH- Intern

Type: Full Time, Seasonal
Location: Bellaire Pub
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Calling all adventure seekers and craft beer enthusiasts! Are you ready to dive headfirst into the heart of the brewing world? Short’s Brewing Company is on the hunt for a spirited Front of House (FOH) Intern to join our dynamic team for an unforgettable summer adventure!  Picture yourself soaking up the sunshine at Torch Lake after work where you were serving up smiles and frosty pints in one of Michigan’s most vibrant pubs. The FOH Intern does the following:

Daily Duties:

  • Train and shadow to learn the ins and outs and the SBC standards of each FOH position (pubtender, busser, and host) at the pub.
    • Monitor and assist in bussing, food running, pubtending, and hosting as needed.
  • Print beer lists.
  • Report maintenance requests to the Maintenance Department.
  • Report IT issues to the IT Department.
  • Monitor and ensure cleanliness inside and outside the pub.
  • Update the website, beer lists, slats, and POS as the beers on tap are changed.
  • Understand how to fully operate Toast and its related hardware.
  • Process and audit dailies.
  • Answer the phone and transfer calls appropriately.
  • Get the mail.
  • Work with the Bellaire brewery and the Elk Rapids Production Facility to obtain product information and monitor draft quality.
  • Communicate issues and beer changes with the brewers. 
  • Change kegs and tanks as needed.
  • Provide floor support during service hours. The FOH Intern is required to be on the floor during lunch and dinner hours “orchestrating” the service operations and providing support to the staff and customers as needed.
  • Ensure that the staff is providing each guest with the best possible customer service.
  • Manage any guest complaints or issues that come up. Problem-solve to ensure each situation is handled appropriately and every guest leaves happy. Report any of these issues on a daily basis.
  • Work with the kitchen staff to communicate food and menu education with the rest of the pub staff.
  • Solve any immediate operational issues (equipment, HR, etc.).
  • Embrace the big picture goals that encompass Short’s beliefs and philosophies.
  • Continue to improve product knowledge. 
  • Lead Pre-Shift Huddles for FOH
  • Send a daily manager report.
  • Promptly report all personnel incidents to Pub Management as soon as possible.
    • All safety and policy issues must be reported to Pub Management immediately. No exceptions.

Physical Requirements:

  • Consistently lift and carry 10 pounds and occasionally lift and carry 50 pounds.
  • Frequent bending, stooping, pushing, lifting, kneeling and reaching.
  • Must be able to stand for the entire shift up to ten hours.
  • Occasionally climbs ladders.
  • Consistently able to use repetitive hand and wrist motion.
  • Work with hot, cold and hazardous equipment.
  • Climb stairs several times a day.
  • Frequent washing of hands.

Other Requirements:

  • Consistently utilize math skills to accurately take money, return proper change and perform calculations. 
  • Consistently read and write orders and draft emails. Ability to complete forms. 
  • Consistently operate phones, computers, copiers scanners and other office equipment.
  • Consistently and accurately use POS.
  • Communicate clearly with supervisors, employees and customers, verbally and written.
  • Frequent problem solving.
  • Consistently and frequently manage employees.
  • TIPS certified.

So, if you’re ready to blend your love for craft beer with an unforgettable summer gig, seize the opportunity to make waves at Short’s Brewing Company!