It Ain’t Evil baby…

It ain’t evil baby if it ain’t hurting anybody
Evil Urges baby they be-part of the human way 🎶

Love whoever you want and celebrate your Evil Urges with a six-pack of this Belgian Dark Strong Ale. Find it on shelves at Short’s Mart and in Michigan this week!

Evil Urges (11.7% ABV – 29 IBU) is a Belgian Dark Strong Ale brewed with Amber Candi Sugar. This beer has a deep dark brown color and thick viscous allure. A sharp aroma of chocolate and molasses hits the senses reminiscent of a rich liqueur. Aided by additions of Belgian Amber Candi Sugar, the initial flavors are sweet and malty with some unique dark fruit qualities. Defined roast malt character with a slight black coffee bitterness lead into an intense warming finish, rounding out this full-bodied experience.

Flavor Profile
Aroma – Chocolate and molasses
Malt – Sweet
Hops – N/A
Balance – Sweet, roasty, and slightly bitter
Body – Full

ABV – 11.7%
Bitterness – 29

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2 thoughts on “It Ain’t Evil baby…”

  1. Kirk Jackson says:

    My wife brought home a six pack of Evil Urges today and I just had my first sip. Absolutely delicious!!! Very nice work guys. Please consider this my heartfelt vote for this one to become a regular in your rotation if it isn’t already!!!

    1. Short's Brewing says:

      Glad to hear, Kirk! This is a specialty release, so it won’t be around too long! But that’s not to say that it couldn’t show up again in the future. Cheers!

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