Local’s Light Rebrand

Today we celebrate the Locals!

Short’s has just undergone a beautiful redesign of one of our most beloved beers. Local’s Light has become synonymous with the lifestyle and work ethic we all strive for up here in Northern Michigan and it’s facelift has taken it to a completely new level of awesomeness. This ain’t your granddad’s lager.

Inspired by those long Michigan summer days, lakeside sunsets, living in a place where everybody knows your name, knowing all the “secret spots”, having a guy that knows the guy and feeling like there is nowhere else you’d rather be. Truly a beer that embodies the ethos of loving where we live and what we do.

Local’s Light (5.2% ABV – 11 IBU)  is a classic American Lager crafted by Joe Short in 2004 to be “beer in its simplest form”. It’s a bright yellow beer with effervescent aromatics of fresh malted barley and lager yeast. Local’s Light has soft and subtle flavors of malt that finish crisp and clean making it perfectly balanced for smooth and easy drinkability. While the recipe remains the same, the processes for brewing this beer at the production level have been refined over the last year.

Local’s Light can be found in bottles, cans or on tap at your favorite bar, restaurant, or tap house year round. Your neighbor knows where it’s at.

20 thoughts on “Local’s Light Rebrand”

  1. Brian Chard says:

    Love your local light since i tried it a couple months ago on tap at the water tower sports bar it’s the only beer i drink thanks to this website i look up where to find it and when it was delivered so i have an idea how fresh it is i actually drive a ways to get it in the cans which is my favorite. Thanks for making a awesome lager for me keep up the good work

    1. Short's Brewing Company says:

      We’re so glad you’re enjoying Local’s Light as much as we do Brian! Cheers!

  2. Joanne barrett says:

    I love this beer. Where can I buy in fort Wayne Indiana?

    1. Short's Brewing Company says:

      So glad to hear you’re enjoying Local’s Light Joanne! We’d recommend checking Ted’s Market in Fort Wayne to find some Local’s Light near you. Cheers!

  3. Jason George says:

    Hi there, I tried the Locals Light bottled at a bar here in Sterling Heights, MI. Excellent taste and I ended up drinking it all night. Gonna look for it at my local party store this weekend.


    1. Short's Brewing Company says:

      So glad you enjoyed Local’s Light so much Jason! We hope you’re able to find some to enjoy this weekend. Cheers!

  4. Maggie Lu says:

    I love this beer! Tried in Union’s café in KALAMAZOO and I love it!

    I will buy more from our local grocery story today!

    1. Angela Seefried says:

      Glad to hear, Maggie!

  5. Michael Kott says:

    I’ve never had a light beer that is so packed full of wonderful flavor. Local’s Light is the only beer I drink now. Thank you Shorts Brewery!!

  6. Bob Stenfors says:

    Shorts Local Light may be brewed in Northern Michigan, but we in Upper Michigan love this brew too. Why it took our local store so long to carry it is beyond me, first place I have ever seen it and I do shop for beer! Great drinkability, crisp palate with no after taste. Can’t wait to try your other selections.

  7. Douglas Truskowski says:

    I visit the pub in Bellaire every time we come up to our chalet love the local light when we bring guests Shorts in our first stop Order sampler so everyone can order the taste they like

  8. Eric Carson says:

    Enjoyed a pint all the down in Central Florida. Coasters has it on draft!

    1. Short's Brewing says:

      Glad to hear, Eric. Cheers!

  9. Bob Laws says:

    I tried this beer for the first time while visiting Traverse City. Great beer! Looking for it in Cleveland OH.

    1. Short's Brewing Co. says:

      Hey Bob – Check out our Beer Locator or Circle A Food & Beverage looks like it brought it in near you recently!

  10. Josh says:

    Love this beer! Would love it even more if I could get it in a 1/6th barrel for my kegerator at home!!! Is that an option? I’ll come to the brewery!

    1. Short's Brewing says:

      Hey Josh! You absolutely can grab a keg of Local’s for your kegerator, email us at kegs@shortsbrewing.com and we will help arrange your pick up. Cheers

  11. Geoff Willson says:

    Is Local’s Light crafted to remove gluten like Space Rock?

    1. Short's Brewing says:

      Hey Geoff – Local’s Light is not crafted to remove gluten. However, depending on where you are located, you can still find Space Rock on shelves in Michigan and you might enjoy our new seltzer brand, Beaches Hard Seltzer. This seltzer is gluten-free and low calorie. Cheers!

  12. Robert Weber says:

    Simple question- how many carbs in 12oz local light?

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