Sticky Icky Icky you’re a…

Super delicious IPA! One of our favorite American IPAs is back. Described by our Head Pub Brewer, Ryan, as “pure juicy goodness”, Sticky Icky Icky is the just hoppy beverage we needed right about now. Fruity, dank, and oh-so-delicious this beer is finally headed back to you.

Sticky Icky Icky (7.1% ABV – 78 IBU) is a radiantly dank, clear copper-colored American India Pale Ale loaded with citrusy hop aromas. This light, yet full-bodied, ale seems perfectly balanced by equal parts sweet malt and fruity juicy hops. A medium bitterness lingers in the finish with a subtle earthiness.

Now on its way to store shelves in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Wisconsin, this IPA is a tasty addition to any fridge this fall. Don’t wait too long though, this specialty release is sure to be here and gone in a flash.

2 thoughts on “Sticky Icky Icky you’re a…”

  1. Rob says:

    Disappointed not to find Sticky, Ermagerdness, Dan’s pink and Hopstach on the 2018 release list… some of your best ales in my opinion….

    1. Short's Brewing Company says:

      Hey Rob- We’re not releasing the full 2018 specialty release schedule quite yet, so there’s a chance that some of these beers get added to the lineup. By announcing the specialty releases quarterly we’re able to keep things flexible and open to our brewers’ new ideas and customer feedback. We’ll count you as votes for these brews. Cheers!

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