I’m A Big Strawberry … Short’s Cake

Ripe from the field, Strawberry Short’s Cake is fresh for the pickin’ beginning this week! Can you imagine a summer without Strawberry Short’s Cake? Neither can we. Which is why we’re so thankful that Ryan Hale, SBC Head Pub Brewer, proposed the idea for what would become our favorite liquid desert in the spring of 2009. Making it’s debut on tap that following summer, Strawberry Short’s Cake has continued to wet the whistles and satisfy the sweet tooths of thirsty Short’s fans each year!

Strawberry Short’s Cake (4.3% ABV – 10 IBU)  is a Golden Ale brewed with the addition of strawberries and milk sugar. The flavors of shortcake and fresh strawberries transform this beer into rose-colored party nectar that is pleasingly sweet with hints of cream. Biscuit flavors and aromas arise from the use of large amounts of Victory malt.

Great Lakes Region friends, we’re doing you a solid and sharing one of the mitten’s favorite brews with you again this year. Strawberry Short’s Cake is headed to stores and taps in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin beginning this week! Don’t dilly dally, get your fill of scrumdiddlyumptious Strawberry Short’s Cake today because you never know! That six-pack could be the last . . .

9 thoughts on “I’m A Big Strawberry … Short’s Cake”

  1. Jessica Hages says:

    Will it make it to stores in Richmond Michigan?

    1. Short's Brewing Company says:

      Hey Jessica,

      Our area Liberator suggests checking at A & B Liquor and tobacco outlet on Green st. in New Baltimore. They should receive their shipment sometime Thursday.


  2. Patrick Shea says:

    Strawberry ShortsCake…..How about NE Ohio??

    1. Short's Brewing Company says:

      Our area Liberator suggests checking at Vintage in Youngstown!

  3. Shawn Daniel says:

    I tried it at durussells in Standish and love it, found a six pack at trading Post in Standish and had to pick it up

  4. Susie DeBack says:

    Could this brew be considered vegan, or is there real cream in it?

    1. Short's Brewing Company says:

      Hey Susie,

      Thanks for asking! Strawberry Short’s Cake is not vegan. We use milk sugar or lactose in the brew.


  5. Keith Hewitt says:

    Is this available anywhere in the Kalamazoo area? I’ve called around and haven’t heard anything.

    1. Short's Brewing Company says:

      Our area Liberator suggests looking for six-packs at Mega-Bev or Drake’s Party Store!

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