Stray Cat Street Fighting for the Devil is pleased to meet you

Are you ready to rock and get a little funky this weekend? Inspired by The Rolling Stones, this next Private Stache release has a little bit of our love of England mixed with a whole lot of wild!

Stray Cat Street Fighting for the Devil (10.2% ABV – 24 IBU) is an experimental English Old Ale brewed with Granny Smith Apples, fermented with a Saccharomyces/Brettanomyces yeast blend, and aged in wine barrels for 15 months. This complex beer leads with malty flavors and aromas of caramel and biscuit, before hitting you with the barnyard funk characteristics of the Brettanomyces. Well balanced, medium bodied, and a touch of apple tartness make this beer a unique treat. Stray Cat Street Fighting for the Devil finishes fairly smooth and dry with some warming notes from the high ABV.

Hitting the pub and Pull Barn today, this Short’s exclusive beer is pleased to meet you and won’t last long. Pick up a bottle and enjoy this wild British invasion via barrel!

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