Whitsun (by Arcadia Brewing Co.) is back for state-wide distribution

Superfluid Supply Co., an alternative beverage brand of Short’s Brewing Company, announces plans to bring back Arcadia Brewing Co. products.

The first on the list? Whitsun—Arcadia’s iconic unfiltered wheat ale brewed with coriander, orange peel, and honey. For many years, Whitsun has been synonymous with warm weather, but once Whitsun arrives this summer it will be available year round.

“We didn’t bring on Whitsun to make it our own, we love Whitsun exactly how it is. Our goal is to make it as close to the original recipe as possible.” Said Scott Newman-Bale, Superfluid Supply Co’s CEO. “Arcadia Brewing Co has long been one of Michigan’s legacy breweries. We’re excited to carry on their tradition of brewing excellent craft products. Eventually, we’d love to bring other Arcadia brands to market, and we’re setting the stage to do just that.”

The Superfluid family (which includes Short’s Brewing Co, Starcut Ciders, and Beaches Hard Seltzer) is ready to bring another brand into the fold. “This really fits the Superfluid ideals of beverage innovation. We plan to continue to grow and diversify our portfolio through acquisitions and development, and are thankful to have an amazing team who embraces change and innovation.” Newman-Bale stated.

Whitsun will be available starting early July in 12oz cans and kegs in Michigan.

For more information about Arcadia Brewing Co’s Whitsun, please visit www.ArcadiaBeer.com.

6 thoughts on “Whitsun (by Arcadia Brewing Co.) is back for state-wide distribution”

  1. DH says:

    Hello . Will you be brewing MI Berry Vice from Arcadia?

  2. Gary Garlock says:

    Looking forward to Whitsun. What stores will sell it?

    1. t Yar says:

      gobles village market has 6pks for 8.99🌞

  3. John Van Stratt says:

    Awesome! I’ve been missing that sweet nectar since Arcadia went broke.

  4. Amy Blankshain says:

    Where can I buy some Whitsun Ale in the Kalamazoo area?

    1. t Yar says:

      goblets village market has WHITSUN 6pks for 8.99🤗

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