Aww Jeah

American Double Imperial India Pale Ale

Aww Jeah (AKA: Huma x 2 TO THE FACE!) is a Double Imperial American IPA with a deep orange hue and big hop aroma. Sweet malt collides with an plethora of hop flavors for a balanced banger that belies its behemoth ABV. Originally brewed to celebrate our 1000th batch of Huma!

  • ABV: 9.9%
  • IBU: 85
  • ABW: 7.8%
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Origin Story

Aww Jeah: Double Huma, in honor of our 1,000th batch of Huma Lupa Licioius


Colombus, Chinnok, Centennial, Palisade, Cascade

Nutritional Information

  • Calories: 275
  • Carbs: 20

Available In

  • 12oz Can
  • 6 Pack Cans
  • 1/2 Keg
  • 1/6 Keg
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