Bim Bam Boom

Stout brewed with cacao nibs, cayenne pepper and orange

Bim Bam Boom is a rich dark stout brewed with cacao nibs, cayenne pepper, and orange. Initial flavors are of sweet citrus followed by a lively tingling of peppery spice. A finish complete with roasted cocoa and tart orange flavors leaves a lasting impression – See more at:

  • ABV: 8.1%
  • IBU: 30
  • ABW: 6.3%
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Origin Story

The idea for this new 2013 stout was brought to us from the Elk Rapids production facility's very own, Erin Reicha. Known for being the person who can help just about anyone accomplish just about anything, Erin can now add "Creative Consultant" to her long list of skills. Here are Erin's thoughts on what inspired her to request a Stout brewed with cocoa nibs, cayenne pepper and orange: The concept for Bim Bam Boom was simple. Meijer makes a candy bar that is a chocolate orange chili. I love a good stout, especially when they combine some of my favorite flavors! Back in February, I gave Tony one of the candy bars and told him I would love to see a beer like this – like a chocolate covered orange, with a little heat on the finish. He said sure, but I would have to wait until November. Being a patient girl, I have been anticipating the release of the Stouts for a long time. Well, the wait is over and it’s delicious! Oh, fyi Nick named it. It came from a song in the movie "The Forbidden Zone" (


Citra Columbus

Nutritional Information

  • Calories: 245
  • Carbs: 22

Name Origin

Nick named it. It came from a song in the movie "The Forbidden Zone" (
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