Bonafide Legit

American Pale Ale Brewed with Summit Hops Grown in Northern Michigan

Bonafide Legit is a light-bodied American Pale Ale brewed with Northern Michigan-grown Summit hops. Fruit and floral aromas are accompanied by a sticky hop-filled mouthful of damp earthy pine in this brew. The beer finishes dry with a legit, resiny bitterness.

  • ABV: 7.5%
  • IBU: 85
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Origin Story

Perhaps the coolest thing about this beer is that it has allowed us to continue experimenting with processed Michigan malt and hops. For a number of years, farmers in Michigan have been dabbling in growing hops and barley for brewing purposes. However, it hasn't been until more recently that they had the capabilities to turn the barley into malt and process the hops into a pelletized form. Thanks to these important developments over the last few years, it has been easier and much more accommodating for brewers in Michigan to show their support for these expanding craft beer related industries that are attempting to create their own foothold as legitimate suppliers of traditional brewing ingredients necessary for making most modern beers. For the purposes of brewing the first batches of Bonafide Legit, we obtained organic barley that had been processed into malt by Michigan Malt Company [], all of which was grown in or around Shepard, MI by various farmers that form a partnership the Michigan Malt Co. refers to as their "family of farms". As for the hops, the brewers decided to brew the entire beer exclusively with Michigan grown Summit hops from our local friends at New Mission Organics [] in Omena, giving this IPA a very distinct aroma and flavor profile unlike other IPA's that utilize a variety of hops for different purposes throughout the brewing process. Below is a description about the Summit hops grown at New Mission Organics from the owner Brian Tennis: "We are the only farm outside the Pacific Northwest that is licensed to grow it and one of only 8 farms in the country doing it. It is grown on a short-trellis at our farm in Omena and this year was our first real harvest. Next year will be our third year and it is done all organically. Alpha ranges from 11% to as high as 15% and up. I think next year the alpha levels "should" be around 15 or 16 because the plants will be more mature. The reason we are able to grow these on a short-trellis is because they were developed to be a semi-dwarf variety. Meaning, they will only get to be around 10' or 12' tall, and the side arms are shorter and more compact so we end up with a lot more cones in a tighter spacing."



Nutritional Information

  • Calories: 200

Name Origin

Legit MI residents and legit hops
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