Belgian Stout Brewed with Candy Syrup and Raspberries

Ectoplasmo is a Stout brewed with Belgian Candi Syrup and a massive amount of raspberries.

  • ABV: 6.6%
  • IBU: 35
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Origin Story

A brand new stout for 2013, Ectoplasmo is a beer that created a number of "firsts" for us. Described as a Belgian Stout brewed with raspberries and Belgian candy syrup, this new conceptual style marks the first time we had ever brewed a stout with a Belgian yeast strain. Prior to this, the darkest Belgian beer we created was the Evil Urges: Belgian Dark Strong Ale. This was also the first time we brewed a stout and added raspberries to it, harmoniously pairing yet another fruit with the decadent malt flavors found in most stouts. Very similar to the addition of cherries to the Black Cherry Porter and the blueberries we put in 2012's Your My Boy Blue, the 440lbs* of raspberries added to this beer definitely makes a lasting impression on the consumer's taste buds. As for the conception of the idea for this new stout, Ryan recalls that both he and Tony wanted a new fruit stout, and somehow the conversation ultimately veered toward brewing it with a Belgian yeast strain (imagine that, Ryan using a Belgian yeast strain...).


Zeus, Cascade

Nutritional Information

  • Calories: 240

Name Origin

However, when it comes to the name, Ryan quickly blamed Tony for this one, guessing that it somehow relates back to Tony's comparison of certain fruit purees we use to the appearance of ectoplasm, which is a reference to the slim evidence left by ghosts from the 1984 smash hit movie The Ghostbusters.
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