Goodnight Jr.

A Dark American India Brown Ale with an appealing tan head and a curious aroma of pineapple and maple syrup. Assertive roasted malt flavors provide an appealing robustness and slight smokiness, which blends with light fruity hop flavors. The combination of dark specialty malts and American hops delivers a compounded bitterness that resonates on the palate.

  • ABV: 7.50%
  • IBU: 102
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Origin Story

As an homage to Matt Gacioch, or Cap'n Planet as he is sometimes referred to around the plant, I have started dubbing our final running ER side batches as "Short's energy efficient beers". Goodnight Jr is yet another beer to be a part of this growing series, symbolizing our commitment to 100% wort extraction and our "waste not, want not" mentality. And why not? We're using a ton of grain to make some of our biggest highly anticipated specialty bottle releases in ER anyway, might as well make the most of our investment and see what a "little brother" batch has to offer. A nice feature about a beer made from the final runnings of a larger "parent" batch is that they tend to share similar characteristics, but in a much lighter less intimidating format, which could make them perfect alternatives for people who just can't quite get into some of our high octane experimental brews. Extracted from the final runnings from both of the mash in processes used to make Goodnight Bodacious: Double India Black Ale, the Goodnight Jr shares some noticeable flavor comparisons with Goodnight Sr, but in a much more subdued presentation overall.



Name Origin

Second Running of Goodnight Bodacious thus Jr.
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