Pineapple Side-Down

A medium bodied brownish ale that employs real pineapple, brown sugar, caramel, and milk sugar. A semi sweet nose w/ hints of caramel and fruit, that also contains slight subtleties of alcohol. A large malt bill of numerous grain varieties compliment the varying sweetness of all the specialty ingredients. Flavors of tart pineapple lead into a candied caramelized finish, leaving a lasting warming quality, that suggests a sizable alcohol content.

  • ABV: 11.0%
  • IBU: 25
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Origin Story

The next beer has a little history. Brewed for the first time last year, this beer was an instant success. Yet to be attempted on the big system in Elk Rapids, the decision was made to do another small batch in Bellaire, w/ the hopes that it will be a precursor to an eventual bottle release sometime this year. One sip and most people would agree that this will surely be one of Short's most talked about conceptual creations.


Cascade, Simcoe
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