Jitterbug Perfume

Belgian Golden Ale brewed with beets, lemon juice, and Jasmine tea

An experimental Belgian Golden Ale brewed with beets, lemon juice, and jasmine tea. Pouring a dark crimson red color complete with an alluring pink lace, undeniable aroma of beets are accompanied by subtle hints of herbs and fruit. Prominent earthy flavors with a touch of citrus are complimented by sweet and spicy Belgian yeast notes. The finish has a balancing bitterness with beets, tea, and spice resonating on the palate.

  • ABV: 6.4%
  • IBU: 50
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Origin Story

One day, I was down in my basement, cutting out some concrete strips to divert water running in through my basement door to the sump pump. So there I am, all sweaty and dusty with huge muscles and stuff, and the Rev calls me. So, I answer the phone, and the Rev starts telling me about this book "Jitterbug Perfume*". Then the conversation veers into beet pollen, and how much Rev enjoys the smell of Beet Pollen.....I believe he may have even described it as "sensual" or "musky" or something of that nature....... Anyway, in the book, there is an actual perfume that is made with beet (pollen), lemon, and jasmine. So that was the inspiration for the ingredients in the beer.


Zeus, Citra, Calypso

Nutritional Information

  • Calories: 177

Name Origin

Name of a book that Rev was reading
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