Lession Siberator

Session India Pale Ale brewed with lemon and orange zest

Influenced by hefty additions of real lemon and orange zest, a bouquet of citrus fragrances prepare the senses for the intense hop impact to come. With a malt bill half the size of the double IPA it stemmed from, this lightened session version produces little malt sweetness, along with a cleanliness that allows a huge hop bitterness to dominate. Big grassy and subtle fruity hop flavors culminate into a considerably bitter finish that resonates profoundly.

  • ABV: 3.7%
  • IBU: 80
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Origin Story

Apparently, Tony has had it with all these dang hippies requesting that we brew Liberator more times throughout the year!! When asked about it, Tony replied "I don't know why they want to drink more Liberator, it's really too good for most people to handle." Adding that, "people are always getting so drunk on it's awesomeness, that it's getting quite embarrassing for us and them" However, the requests kept pouring in to the point that they were beginning to drive Tony crazy. Considering all of his options, which included shaving off his beard in protest, he decided he would satisfy the demand for more Liberator, but on his own terms. Tony and the Bellaire brew crew got to work designing a custom "out of season" batch of Liberator that would be brewed using half as much malt as a regular batch of Liberator, cutting down on the fermentable sugars, and therefore lowering the overall ABV. He also cut back on the total amount of bittering hops, so it would still be tolerable to drink, now that the body had been substantially lightened. Other than that, the flaovring and aroma hops remained the same, as well as the amount of lemon and orange zest that we would normally add to a standard batch of Liberator. This new customized "summertime" Liberator would hopefully satisfy the angry hoards that were demanding the palate impacting punch of the Liberator, but allow Tony to dictate how drunk they would allow themselves to get.


Amarillo Cascade Centennial Chinook Columbus Palisade Simcoe

Name Origin

Tony also had the last laugh by giving this new beer a name that would remind these savage Liberator fans of their drunken uncontrollable behavior, by calling this dialed back version Lession Siberator, which intentionally mimics the slurred speech of a satiated Liberator fan who couldn't cut themselves off until it was too late. Damn hippies!!!
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