Plum Rye Bock

Rye Lager brewed with plums

Plum Rye Bock is a Rye Lager brewed with plums. Dark copper in color with beautiful clarity, this beer has an off-white head with aromas of bread, toffee, and plum. Upon first sip, you’re greeted with classic clean Bock flavors of malty caramel and light toffee. Light-medium bodied, the fruitiness of the plum flavors add a touch of tart sweetness with some spicy rye notes. Plum Rye Bock finishes smooth, crisp, and clean.

  • ABV: 6.5%
  • IBU: 30
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Origin Story

The origins of Bock beer are quite uncharted. Back in medieval days German monasteries would brew a strong beer for sustenance during their Lenten fasts. Some believe the name Bock came from the shortening of Einbeck thus "beck" to "bock." Others believe it is more of a pagan or old world influence that the beer was only to be brewed during the sign of the Capricorn goat, hence the goat being associated with Bock beers. Basically, this beer was a symbol of better times to come and moving away from winter. As for the beer itself in modern day, it is a bottom fermenting lager that generally takes extra months of lagering (cold storage) to smooth out such a strong brew. Bock beer in general is stronger than your typical lager, more of a robust malt character with a dark amber to brown hue. Hop bitterness can be assertive enough to balance though must not get in the way of the malt flavor, most are only lightly hopped. BA Update from Ryan Hale on 12/7: So this is a fun one for me to write about. This was my first recipe for Shorts back in 2009! I wanted to do a stong malty rye lager with Plums. I think Joe actually went out and picked around 300 lbs of fresh plums, which ended up being 243.2 lbs after being de-stoned which took about 5 of us 7 hours to do with Curt's homemade tool, which was a section of sharpened copper pipe ☺! Ahh, the old days! This has been made a few times since then and has seen a bottle release.



Nutritional Information

  • Calories: 190
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