Smugglin' Plums

An opaque black colored stout brewed with Damson plum puree. Faint dark fruit and subtle chocolate-like aromatics disguise the shock of tart and tangy plum flavors within. Offset by some excellent roasted malt characteristics, the difference from start to finish creates a tasting experience with layered complexities. Sweet perfume of rich roast and plumb, cast through hearty malted complexity, finishing slightly sweet and dry. .75 lbs. plumb per gallon. 5.8% ABV

  • ABV: 5.8%
  • IBU: 32
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Origin Story

This is the first time we have brewed Smugglin' Plums sweet stout since it's inaugural brew and release back in 2007. This was the same year that we beefed up our stout portfolio and decided to make their role in Brewski Bash and integral one. Just like Luke, Tony Hansen's first ever solo Short's creation, recipe and all, was a stout brewed up over 7 years ago. Tony wasn't quite sure exactly where the idea for the beer came from, but like many other Short's creations, I have a feeling the main driving force behind this one was the name, Smugglin' Plums ( Setting out to make his first beer one to remember, and realizing the president Joe Short was setting in regards to Short's experimental beers (remember, only a few months prior we released the Imperial Beer Series, which Joe often explains as the turning point for our company), Tony decided that he would personally hand remove all of the pits from over 200 lbs of fresh plums to use in this beer! Needless to say, this beer was a huge hit and we even ended up bringing it with us to our first ever Extreme Beer Fest in Feb of 2008. We even had some artwork created for it, which most of us recognize today as the label art for beach wheat.


Savinjski Golding

Name Origin

I have a feeling the main driving force behind this one was the name, Smugglin' Plums (
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