Unite Pale Ale

A copper colored medium bodied Pale Ale with sweet aromas of malt and honey, along with fruity Cascade hop compliments. A wonderful balance of malt and hops create some pleasant berry flavors up from with traces of toffee and caramel. A lively bitterness in the finish turns slightly dry, amplifying the impact between tastes.

  • ABV: 5.2%
  • ABW: 0%
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Origin Story

We have a new beer going on tap at the pub either later today or at some point tomorrow. This beer was part of a large national collaboration project launched by a nonprofit organization known as The Pink Boots Society (http://pinkbootssociety.org/iwcbd/) The goal was to have brewers brew a single beer using an agreed upon recipe, have them all served under the same name, Unite, and use a portion of the proceeds to donate to charity and The Pink Boots Society. Check out more information about this particular project below, and The Pink Boots Society's mission to help women further their careers in the beer industry.


Cascade Citra Sorachi Ace
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