Barrel fanatics and hop heads, this Bourbon Huma is for you

Sometimes patience pays off. We waited while it aged in bourbon barrels, you waited for it to come to stores, and now the time has arrived to release Bourbon Barrel Aged Huma Lupa Licious!

Bourbon Huma (11.8% ABV – 66 IBU) is our best-selling American India Pale Ale aged in bourbon barrels for up to 9 months. An initial malt sweetness is replaced with flavors of charred oak and sweet vanilla, followed by the standard Huma hop punch to the palate. This new combination creates the sensation of sipping on a sweet bourbon that finishes like a bitter hop theme park in your mouth.

This Huma Lupa Licious grew up and out of 12 oz bottles, and you can look for this 22 oz bomber to be released in stores beginning today. While extremely limited, we’re excited to share Bourbon Huma with retailers across the great state of Michigan. Already aged to perfection for you, pick up a bottle, share it with a friend (or three), and together bask in the wonder of this complex bourbon and hop theme park in your mouth.