By the Beard of Zeus, that beer’s delicious!

When our 2016 Beer Release Schedule was first announced, it was missing a few hopeful characters. Although we sure try to fit everyone’s favorite brew on the schedule, it just isn’t possible to brew and bottle production scale batches of 300+ beers in a calendar year! That being said, when a little room showed up in our schedule for late spring, we knew exactly which beer to order up from the brew house; Beard of Zeus.  
Beard of Zeus (4.5% ABV – 70 IBU) is an India Pale Lager made with Zeus hops and bitter orange rind. This Lager smells of dank hops and fresh cut grass and tastes of bitter orange hard candy. The beer is refreshing and has a light body.
While, we haven’t reached out to Ron Burgundy for comment we know this is a beer that Zeus himself would be proud of.  Available now in Michigan and wherever Short’s brews are stocked, we command you take a sixer of this American Pale Lager home.