Below is Short’s 2016 bottled beer release schedule. For a list of bottled beer available at the Pub, please click here. For the current Pub tap list, please click here.


Year Round Flagships

Soft Parade (12 pk and 6 pk)
Huma Lupa Licious (12 pk and 6pk)
Bellaire Brown
Local’s Light
Space Rock (12 pk and 6 pk)


Seasonal Releases

Variety Pack Released December 2015
Twisted Cain January – February
ControversiALE March – April
Variety Pack Released April 2016
Beard of Zeus May – June
Nicie June – August
Variety Pack Released July 2016
Autumn Ale August – October
Super Hoppy Holidays Variety Pack November
The Double Magician November – December
Variety Pack To be released December 2016

Specialty Releases

Swirl Stout January
Love Knife January
Peachy Pom Pom – Keg Only January
Batch 5000 – Bomber January
Bim Bam Boom February
Superfluid February
Uncle Steve’s Irish Stout February
Peachy Pom Pom – Bombers March
Snake Juice March
Goodnight Bodacious March
Mr. Fusion April
Melt My Brain April
Cerveza de Julie – Keg Only May
Anniversary Ale – Bomber May
Ocho de Mayo May
Hopstache May
Freedom of ’78 June
Strawberry Short’s Cake June
Power of Love July
Spruce Pilsner July
Key Lime Pie August
Psychedelic Cat Grass August 17
Bucktricutioner August
Noble Chaos August
Dan’s Pink Skirt September
Lil’ Creepster – Keg Only September
Richard in the Dirt – Keg Only September
PUMPKINCRUSHA – Keg Only September
Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster September
Kind Ale September
Black Cherry Porter October
Bourbon Huma – Bomber October
Sticky Icky Icky October
Cup a Joe November
Critterless November
Juicy Tree November
The Liberator December
Aorta Ale December



Pandemonium Pale Ale
The Magician
Chocolate Wheat
Vintage Premium Lager





Vintage Premium Lager (24pk cans) November
Chocolate Wheat November
Private Stache Series Check page for release dates
Erraticus Series Check page for release dates


Year Round Flagships

Immortal Jelly

*Release Dates and styles are subject to change. More varieties may be available than what is listed above. The ‘Beer Schedule’ does not include the numerous R&D beers (and draft only selections) that will be available throughout the year at the Bellaire pub and select beer events.