It’s a Bee-utiful Day for a Pint of Queen Bee

Have you heard the buzz? Queen Bee is flying to stores across the state! Leaving the hive in bottles for the first time, Queen Bee is brewed with the most bee-utiful honey in the land and plenty of it.

Queen Bee (8% ABV – 30 IBU) is an Imperial Amber Ale full of sweet fruity aromas from the skillful blending of malt, hops, and floral northern Michigan Star Thistle honey from Sleeping Bear Farms.  Crystal clear and bright in appearance, this beer is rich and full of flavors of honey and malt, which create a wonderful balance and a flavor reminiscent of hard candy. Generous hop additions add to a perfectly timed dry and warming finish.

Our brewers and cellarmen have been as busy as bees, working to usher this beer into bottles. But there’s only so much to go around. The queen will be making her appearance on store shelves statewide beginning this week, so head out to the store and collect a stash before it’s gone.

P.S. Think the face of the bee on this label looks familiar? Well, it only belongs to one of the most badass Short’s ladies of all time – Summer Ison.