Behold, the wet hopped Devil’s Lettuce

Some say we must have made a deal with the devil in order to brew a beer so sinfully delicious. Others say we’ve sold our souls to pack such a devilishly complex hop flavor into each 12 oz bottle of this beer. Truth be told, the secret to our diabolically addictive specialty release is something evident on first taste. Behold, the wet hopped Devil’s Lettuce.

Devil’s Lettuce (5.7% ABV – 95 IBU), is a wet hopped India Pale Lager brewed with fresh hops from Empire Hop Farm in Empire, MI.  The nose is full of hoppy aromatics of citrus zest and subtle spice.  Low malt flavors allow for an array of hoppy attributes ranging from fruity lemon to an earthy grassiness, with an instant bitter impact.  A clean lager finish amplifies the overall bitterness which resonates across the palate.

The pungent, fresh hops our brewers use to brew each batch of Devil’s Lettuce are harvested and added to the brew mere hours after being picked on the Leelanau Peninsula. These fresh hop cones are as good as gold to our brewers, imparting the most rousing flavors and scents into this addictive brew.

We hope you won’t have to make a pact with any demons in order to secure a sixer of this beer. This wet hopped specialty India Pale Lager is sure to disappear from store shelves quickly. Be sure to pick up your six pack of Devil’s Lettuce, hitting store shelves this week.