Calling all cherry and dark beer lovers, it’s Black Cherry Porter time!

Sure. You’re a fan of the cherry. You buy some cherry fudge every summer on Mackinac Island or you bake a cherry pie each July. Maybe you even indulge in the time honored tradition of the cherry spitting contest at the annual family reunion, but do you really love cherries?

We do. We FREAKIN’ love cherries! And every year we put our money where our mouth is, brewing up beers and Starcut Ciders to celebrate our state’s favorite official, unofficial fruit. This year we’re once again releasing one of our oldest and most treasured brews, Black Cherry Porter, for cherry lovers throughout the state of Michigan to savor.

Not for the fair-weather fan, Black Cherry Porter (9.2% ABV – 55 IBU) is made using sweet black cherries and eight different malts. The combination of ingredients provides the deep radiant flavor profile and creates a dark opaque color. The beer leaves a slight purple lace from the fruit puree and finishes with flavors of roasted chocolate and pleasurable black cherry.

While Black Cherry Porter season is relegated to just one specialty release for each trip around the sun, true cherry fans know that our most favoritest fruit is in style 365 days a year. Now’s the time to buy a couple sixers and raise a toast to the cheeriest of the cherry beers, Black Cherry Porter!