Bloody Beer Returns!

If you know most of the Short’s Brewing Company team, you know we like a good Bloody Mary. Joe is no exception to this rule. So for the 2007 Imperial Beer Series he took his love for a little beer in his Bloody Mary to the next level and created Bloody Beer. A decade later this brew returns as our Shorts-i-fied twist on the harvest beers of fall.

Bloody Beer (8.3% ABV – 40 IBU) is a lighter bodied beer with aromas of spicy tomato juice. Fermented with Roma tomatoes and spiced with dill, horseradish, peppercorns, and celery seed lead to an astounding initial tomato flavor, followed by a lingering finish that allows each additional ingredient a chance to resonate on the palate. Decant carefully, and let this 2009 GABF silver medal winner warm slightly in order to appreciate the full magnitude of flavors.

With nearly two pounds of antioxidant rich tomatoes per gallon, and loads of delicious spices, this beer may just be the one of the tastiest and most robust fall harvest beers around. So whether you enjoy it while watching a Halloween horror movie or with your avocado toast at brunch, be sure to give this rare Short’s brew a try before it disappears again. Look for this limited specialty release to hit store shelves and taps this week in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Wisconsin.