During the fall of 2006, Joe began work on Short’s most ambitious project up until that point: the Imperial Beer Series.

The idea was to make a series of imperial strength beers and to provide a modern spin on the creative use of nontraditional and unusual ingredients used in beer throughout human history. Although Short’s had previously bottled only minimally, this project required all of the 13 beers to be hand filled into 750ML bottles. Each came with its own trading card and story. Each of the 13 beers had been designed by Joe, but never previously brewed due to the expense of acquiring the necessary ingredients.  Therefore, when Joe decided to attempt the project, it was a make it or break it situation.  In the end, Short’s released all 13 beers to tremendous reception before the anniversary party in the spring of 2007.  This marked a new era of creative energy and brewing prowess at Short’s.  The 13 beers were well received by Short’s fans and craft beer enthusiasts around the country, and have since been revived by Tony Hansen in small pub batches and in 12 oz. bottles.