Bottling of the future!

Hello Short’s fans and welcome to our fifth episode of the Short’s Cast Podcast. If you are a new brewer deciding to bottle your beer, a beer fan who is interested in the science behind bottling beer, or just want to listen to characters of Short’s impressionate Dumbledore then this episode is for you! Pauline Knighton sits down with Tony Hansen, Short’s head brewer, and Joe Short to talk about their first bottling experiences with Short’s Beer.

Then Joe and Pauline are joined by Tyler Glaze and Matt Gacioch to talk about the company’s current bottling system and the new bottling system arriving in May.

Beer Liberator Sean Cudahy calls in to tell us about ContraversiALE which is Short’s spring seasonal that can be found on shelves today! This beer has a great history and story that stems from one of Northern Michigan’s favorite venues, The City Park Grill.

Music for this episode has been provideded by The Crane Wives out of Grand Rapids. The two songs entitled “Easier” and “Icarus” can be found on their album “A Fool In Her Wedding Gown”.

Tyler Krych jumps off the packaging line to bring us our events segment which includes all the great tap takeovers throughout the state of Michigan.

Thanks for tuning in to Short’s Cast Good Humans, we love having you, and we’d love to hear comments or questions from you by email at [email protected].

Seth Bernard is playing tonight, February 4th at 6:30pm

Blue Footed Booby is playing on Thursday, February 6th at 7pm
Woven Tangles and Dragon Wagon are playing on Friday, February 7th starting at 7:30pm
The Crane Wives are playing on Saturday, February 8th at 8pm