The Urge to Release Something Evil

Halloween always seem to bring out a more wicked side of our brewers, so can you blame them for wanting to throw Evil Urges in some bourbon barrels? As a result, we have our next #PrivateStache release, Bourbon Evil Urges! This brew finds us just in time for you to enjoy a bottle or two of this spooky barrel aged Dark Strong Ale on All Hallows’ Eve. Bottles of Bourbon Evil Urges will go on sale at 11am and will also be on tap for our annual Halloween party on Saturday, October 27th. Live music starts at 9pm and best costume wins a one year mug club membership to our pub!

Bourbon Evil Urges (10.3% ABV – 40 IBU) is a Belgian Dark Strong Ale aged in bourbon barrels with a deep dark brown color and thick viscous allure. A sharp aroma of chocolate and molasses hits the senses reminiscent of a rich liqueur. Aided by additions of Belgian amber candi sugar the initial flavors are sweet and malty with some unique dark fruit qualities. Defined roast malt character with a slight black coffee bitterness lead into an intense warming finish, rounding out this full bodied experience.