Celebrating our Quattuordecennial with Anniversary Ale

Last year we turned 13, and in typical teenage fashion we decided to rebel. Our beloved Blood Orange Wheat Wine Anniversary Ale was not released in packages, and despite having this beer flowing from the taps of our Anniversary Party, the demand to have this beer available in bottles again was made clear by our fantastic, loquacious fans. This year, we’re a little older and wiser, and excited to share this celebratory brew with the Michigan masses!


Anniversary Ale (10% ABV – 60 IBU) is a dry hopped, high-gravity, Wheat Wine Ale brewed with peppercorns, blood oranges, and orange zest. Flavors range from the spiciness of green peppercorns to the tang of blood orange zest. Aggressive dry hopping of Simcoe hops amplifies the citrus overtones and spiciness found throughout the beer. Anniversary Ale typifies Short’s Brewing Company by embodying all of the complexities that come along with another year of brewing.


Six packs of Anniversary Ale are now headed to Michigan store shelves and available at Short’s Mart. While we wish you all could join us at Short’s Anni Party 14 this weekend, we hope you raise a glass from afar to toast another orbit around the sun with Short’s brews in hand!