A Collaboration Grill Out with Fred Bueltmann

It’s a beautiful thing when two craft breweries collaborate and there are so many ways to do so. Brewing together, grilling together, and heck, podcasting together sounds like a great idea too! New Holland Brewing Company’s very own Fred Bueltmann, known as The Beervangelist, was kind enough to travel north to Elk Rapids. Not only to join us for a Short’s Cast episode, but also to fire up the grill and cook a huge meal for Short’s Production Facility staff members and educate us on his philosophy of food and beer pairing. Fred Bueltmann, Jon “Woj” Wojtowicz, and Forrest Moline worked together to design a five course menu that would be grilled on-site.  You’ll hear sound bites from the prep stage all they way up to serving the tasty grilled courses, as well as comments from the Short’s staff members who were able to attend. Special thanks to Luke Meredith for helping gather supplies and coordinate this meal!

Each course was paired with a craft beer from New Holland and Short’s. You’ll also hear a roundtable conversation between Woj, Bridgett Beckwith, and Fred. Fred has been working in the Michigan craft beer industry since 1995 and his book on food and beer pairing called  The Beervangelist’s Guide to the Galaxy: A Philosophy of Food & Drink, is a must read for all foodies and craft beer enthusiasts.

You will find a lot of the dishes that were grilled up in this episode in his book, as well as some best practices for cooking with craft beer. The Short’s staff is extremely thankful to Fred and New Holland Brewing Company for making this collaboration possible and we look forward to the day where we share another meal together celebrating Michigan craft beer!