Anniversaries, Aliens, and Dean Ween

Welcome to the 15th Episode of Short’s Cast! In today’s episode, we have permission to use the music from Ween in celebration of Dean Ween and The Brown Outs performing at Short’s 10 Year Anniversary Party on April 26th in Bellaire.

This episode also celebrates the first ever bottle release of Alien Einstein. Matt Gacioch, Tyler Glaze, and Skinny Fairbanks take turns breaking down this gluten reduced beer. It is scheduled to be released in May and we’re excited to bring it to the people of planet earth who need to cut back on gluten!

Later in the show, Joe Short joins Matt and Skinny to chat about anniversary party details. The staff at Short’s have been working very hard preparing for this event, re-creating the Imperial Series and lots of other unique and awesome brews, and setting the stage for an epic event.

On April 19th the brewpub is hosting a benefit to support Island. In addition to Ween, this episode plays a song from Gifts or Creatures entitled “Relics and Ghosts.” They will be playing at the Island benefit.