Coming Soon! New Short’s 6 Packs for October

Bloody Beer: Modeled after the 2007 award winning Imperial version, the Bloody Beer is one of many to be duplicated from our outstanding Imperial Beer Series. Our plans to bottle this beer were well under way when we won a silver medal for it in the experimental category at the 2009 GABF, but a little extra publicity never hurts. Made w/ hundreds of pounds of fresh Roma tomatoes, and then spiced w/ dill, celery seed, peppercorns, and horseradish this beer was a brewing challenge every step of the way. We encourage proper decanting practices, and a slightly warmer drinking temperature, in order to taste all of the flavor complexities added from the non traditional brewing ingredients. The tomato flavor up front is astounding and even picked up in the nose, along w/ all of the other spices. The finish lingers w/ each additional flavor taking it’s turn to resonate on your palate, all individually distinguishable and yet uniform as they would be in a real bloody Mary.

Black Cherry Porter: One of our biggest beers offered, the Black Cherry Porter is a full flavored strong porter brewed with sweet black cherries. The formula consists of several different malts, lending deep opaque color with purple lace from the fresh fruit it’s fermented with. Nearly 4 lbs. of fresh sweet black cherries go into each gallon of brew. A flavor of deep lustrous malt complexity and fullness, yet smooth with soft hints of toasted chocolate and pleasurable black cherry flavors. This beer has become one of our most sought after seasonal selections. People have lined up to drink nothing but Black Cherry Porter when brought to beer festivals and other off premise events. Now we bring it to you, enjoy.