Conversations with Short’s Deli-Llamas

This week we are over in Bellaire devoting an entire episode to the Short’s Deli. The Short’s Deli perfectly pairs with the beer…it’s all handcrafted and made in house!  Pauline sits down with Leah Short, and Woj to find out about the origins of the deli and what inspired the menu.

Then we get to meet Head Chef, Mark Macnaughton, and Kitchen Supervisor, Amber Marshall, for the first time. They talk about the challeges they have faced in operating the deli and how the entire deli staff is looking forward to the new kitchen coming soon!

Music at the Pub

Big Dudee Roo takes the stage on March 21st at 8pm at the brew pub in Bellaire

Don Julin and Billy Strings perform at 8pm on Saturday March 22

This Weeks Beer Release

Matt Gacioch breakes down this weeks beer release the Bellaire Brown which is on shelves year round.

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