Behind the Design

That’s right, it’s time to reveal the team that is responsible for all the crazy, beautiful, edgy designs that Short’s throws out in the world. Bridgett and Woj venture into a land where words are spoken in Adobe, and spot color is a fundamental.

You’ve met Jesse Den Herder, our art director and skateboard enthusiast, but now you get to meet Laura and Libby, designers who work with Jesse on a day to day basis to bring the Short’s culture in visual form.

Our music in this episode is from Benjamin James and the Old Mission Collective, a young up-and-coming band out of Traverse City. You’ll hear their songs “Mr Busy Body” and “Runaway.” They will be performing at the pub in Bellaire on June 10th, Friday night at 8:30pm.

If you have any questions or subjects you would like to hear covered on the podcast, hit us up on the ole email at [email protected].