Dive into a bottle of hops with Sticky Icky Icky

Do you need an IPA fix? Are you craving a truly hop-tastic experience? Have you found yourself wishing to be submersed in the tastiest, most aromatic Humulus lupulus flowers? Then dive right into our latest specialty release, Sticky Icky Icky!

A beer sure to leave your hop (and malt) loving taste buds jumping for joy, Sticky Icky Icky (6.5% ABV – 70 IBU) is a radiantly clear, copper-colored American India Pale Ale. It is loaded with citrusy hop aromas of oranges, nectarines, and apricots. This light, yet full bodied ale is perfectly balanced by equal parts sweet malt and juicy hops. A medium bitterness along with a subtle earthiness lingers in the finish.

Described as “pure juicy goodness” and brewed with a varitey of hop selections, Ryan Hale, Short’s Head Pub Brewer and the creator of this delectable beverage crafted Sticky Icky Icky to meet his strict guidelines for the ultimate IPA.You can get your hands on a six pack of Sticky Icky Icky for a limited time only, beginning today. You know the drill, this is a #MIonlyMIforever Short’s brew.