Earthwork Music’s Harvest Gathering 2015

As you may already know, we’re big fans of Earthwork Music here at Short’s. And this week, we’re honored to have Seth Bernard (founder of Earthwork Music) join us on Short’s Cast to talk about the upcoming Harvest Gathering, taking place September 18th – September, 20th, 2015. Short’s is a proud supporter of this event and we’re happy to have Seth explain to us how Earthwork Music was formed, his relationship with Joe Short, and about the jingle he wrote for Short’s Cast.

In the second segment this week’s episode, we welcome two members of Seth’s crew to join the show and talk about the execution of Harvest Gathering.  Brett (who heads up set-up and tear down) and Derek (the site coordinator and the man with the answers to all your event day questions) give us the details of the upcoming festival.

We highly recommend you attend this event; it’s full of amazing live music, great food, community, as well as workshops for those who want to learn about songwriting, performing, and much more. It is a truly unique music festival.

The music you’ll hear on this episode of Short’s Cast is from Live Harvest Archive Volume 1 which you can purchase on the Earthwork Music website. The songs you will hear are “On The Mend” by May Erlewine and “On My Way Home” by Mike and Ruthy.

An amazing interview with some amazing human beings, we hope to see you out at Harvest Gathering this year!