Ermagerd! Our latest specialty bottle release, a fantastically hoppy American India Pale Ale that goes by the name ERMAGERDNESS is hitting store shelves this week.

ERMAGERDNESS (5.5% ABV – 84 IBU) is a light bodied golden colored American India Pale Ale with zesty tangerine and pineapple aromatics.  A simplified malt bill, along with some signature American hops, allows for an awesome burst of tropical fruit flavors up front.  It then shifts toward an interesting herbal tasting bitterness, which builds and lingers on the back of the palate.

Originally envisioned by Al Russel (the same SBC Production Facility brewer who helped bring to life brews like OMGWTFBBQ and Honey Badger), Al sought to create a hop forward American India Pale Ale reminiscent of some of his favorite brews. While the name ERMAGERDNESS may have originally been nothing more than a place holder, it’s only fitting that this brew be celebrated with a name that calls for exclamation. Just one taste we’ll leave you screaming “ermagerdness!”*

Look for Ermagerdness at your favorite Michigan beverage purveyor. Be sure to pick up your six-pack soon, this beer will disappear lickety-split!

*Disclaimer: Screaming “ermagerdness” when purchasing a six-pack or taking the first sip of this brew may draw unwanted attention. Embrace it and enjoy.