An Extremely Tasty Anniversary Ale, for an Extreme 10 Years.

Anny-Ale (1)Since the first year Joe Short opened the doors of 121 North Bridge Street, he has brewed an Anniversary Ale to celebrate one more year of growth and existence. Our fearless leader is quite a hop head, and so the Anniversary Ale was usually a double or triple IPA. For the 5th Anniversary, the newest addition to the brewing team, Ryan Hale, suggested we brew a wheat wine with blood oranges. Joe loved the idea and ran like crazy with it! In addition to the blood oranges, he decided to add blood orange zest and a little zing with green peppercorns.

Anniversary Ale (9.3% ABV, 63 IBU) is a high-gravity wheat wine made with blood oranges that render an alluring purple hue. Flavors range from the spiciness of green peppercorns to the tang of blood orange zest. Aggressive dry hopping of Simcoe amplifies the citrus overtones and spiciness found throughout. ‘Anny’ Ale typifies Short’s Brewing Company by embodying all the complexities that come along with another year of brewing.

annyAleonTheBeachThe Anniversary Ale was so well received that we have released it simultaneously with an additional one-time brew (usually a double IPA) to commemorate the year gone by. In addition to this year’s double IPA, Stache Bender, Anniversary Ale was released at our epic 10th Anniversary party and will be available on store shelves throughout Michigan today (5/6)!

Short’s brewers push the creative culinary boundaries and sure know how to brew a tasty beer! Make sure to check out your local bottle shop ASAP. This beer won’t stay on shelves very long, folks!