Flagship Series: Space Rock

Space, tasty nuggets of alien technology, sweet refurbished snow mobiles, and the meaning of life… all things you should be thinking about while you enjoy your Space Rock Pale Ale over the holidays. Damn it’s a good beer and we’re bringing in Head Brewer Tony Hansen, CEO Joe Short, and Chief Scientist and Skeptic of Aliens Sam DeCamp to discuss the mighty Space Rock. Bridgett and Woj captain the hosting chairs while leading us in a conversation that takes us to galaxies far far away.

Our music in this episode is from The Go Rounds, who will be rocking out at our Ugly Sweater Party, and are a staple here at Short’s. They consistently release great EP albums and their music is phenomenal.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you Short’s Fans and Short’s Cast listeners. We hope you enjoy a Juicy Tree over the holidays which is what we’ll be doing while cleaning our microphones in preparation for 2016. We’ve got a lot of great podcasts coming your way. So keep your Ear Balls fresh bcuzaliens exist!